Wednesday, October 7, 2015


We have been so busy lately!  Between homeschooling, getting things cleaned up and ready for winter, the fair, science experiments that didn't quit turn out how we hoped they would, and going wood cutting and hunting to keep the house warm and freezer full I've not had time to do a darn thing!

Lets see first was our science stuff...We did this experiment here, but our results where far less dramatic.  But it was still a fun one to do and research.

 Next was skating...we went a private party at the skating rink.  We tried to not break ourselves. I remembered it fast...the poor boys had bruised booties for a few days after though, as it was their first time skating.  They did have fun though.  My mini minion (youngest) has decided that is how he wants to do his birthday part in February now.

 Then we had the fair.  We took my neice with us and man...$200 is NOT enough to do a damn thing for 5 people at the fair, that got us in (40) got us lunch (45 - 4 burgers and a corn dog with drink), 3 games each (30), and wrist bands for rides for the 3 kids (75), and one small treat each (10)...Yowza it was spendy!!

There was the predicament the dog got into...The kids thought they would get her out of the way so we didnt step on her while rearranging the living room, so they set her on the cat tower...and she got herself stuck....Yea, I got pictures BEFORE I got her out...

 We found some bee nests that were vacated (thanks to mom spraying) and an old empty next in one of our bushes, so we got them down so we can do some research on them...

 And then we've been wood cutting! Here's a couple photos of our wood cutting trip last weekend.  Yes, my boys ran chainsaws. But it was under supervision of their dad and grandpa (a retired logger).  We had fun getting wood and enjoying some schooling and family time away from technology and everything.