Monday, November 16, 2015

Ok, catch up...(Long post with pics and vids)

Ok, so it's time to play catch up...  We've been going non stop for a couple months now, and have at least another month to go before we slow down into a lull again.

Let's see, we went and got wood two more weekends after the last post. Had Halloween, had a game night, have tried to keep up on school work, crafts, and fun.

We went and got wood for two more weekends.  We took a long nice hike on one of those weekends.  The boys rode their bikes for two weekends up there.  We spent evenings around the fire and playing games together totally unplugged, except for a short limit of time each day when they were allowed to play on their tablets (mainly at for 1/2 hour right before breakfast and a 1/2 hour before bed). We took a long drive and went and seen a cool old hidden cabin that was lived in by some bank robbers back in the 50's/60's.  It was a pretty cool thing to see.

Then we had Halloween fun...we did a home-ec class and made cup cakes ourselves and with friends with a Halloween theme.  We also went trick or treating and had a blast, spent a whole day out on Halloween, and a few hours out the day before.  Trick or treating the business in Clarkston and an elderly retirement home.  It was a lot of fum.  Then on Halloween we did the pumpkin palooza and trick or treating as well. We even took the dogs trick or treating with us.

We caught a pack rat with the neighbor, and he's keeping her.  She's handle-able now though she's still skittish.