Monday, January 4, 2016

Hubby's sleep ramblings.

940 pm
Hubby - *mumbling* yup,  sounds like a good idea. ...
Me - huh? what sounds like a good idea?
Hubby - a cover up *mumbles incoherently,  rolls over*

1030 pm
Hubby - *giggles, mumbling*'s funny. ..
Me - what's funny? 
Hubby - really is funny if you think about it. ..
Me - what?
Hubby - taking the dogs...
Me - the dogs?
Hubby - yea,  taking them,  it's funny *rolls over snores*

Hubby - *giggles and rolls over, mumbles incoherently at first* that's funny...
Me - what's funny?
Hubby - oh just how that looked
Me - how what looked?
Hubby - just how that was layed out
Me - how what was layed out?
Hubby - oh it was just funny
Me - what?
Hubby - how it looked, like you where sprawled out hanging up side down *giggles*
Me - say what?
Hubby - you were upside down and everything was right side up, it looked funny *giggles, mumbles incoherently, roles over and snores*

9:30pm as I crawl in bed...
Hubby - *giggles and mumbles incoherently*, then says to me - you silly butt.
Me -  what?
Hubby - *mumble incoherently like his mouth is swollen*
Me - huh?
Hubby - *sits up on his side, looks at me eyes open but spaced out, and says (while tracing lines in the air) - That little hump there, you put the timing chain like that. Did you make sure it was top dead center first?  Did you remove that stuff before you start it?
Me - *bursts our laughing*
Hubby - *in a huff,  rolls over and throws the blankets over his head and says* well fine, I don't want to talk to you anyway, jerk. *incoherent mumbling and then silence, mumbling again and then snoring*